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The most gorgeous interior design book to ever come out of the Midwest. Angie Lane cherishes the grit, practicality, and warmth of the Midwest that she grew up in and sees the region is so much more than “country” in the world of design.


Through decades of observation & execution, Angie has found a foolproof formula to achieve picture-perfect interiors---no matter what your design style.


She illustrates each element of the formula and then shows how all the parts come together. Several renowned interior designers from across the Midwest are featured with their interiors clearly labeled so you can see how each component of the formula works. There is a comprehensive Resource chapter as well as a Happy Hour chapter with a little dab of Midwestern nice: Angie’s favorite cocktail recipes & fun facts.


The entire book is put together with a purposeful graphic aesthetic that provides inspiration and WOW on every page, for any creative mind.

Midwest Modern Manifesto

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